• Anand Mistry

Thriving at Work

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Working with Paryavaran Mitra (PM) in summer 2018 was a valuable learning experience. This entry will describe what I learnt during that time, which influenced the type of work that I am attracted to.

Leadership and Mentorship

I worked directly with Ashish Agrawal, who is the founder and director of PM. As a social entrepreneur who has previously worked for the World Bank, the opportunity to work closely with someone of this calibre was incredibly valuable. Imagine how different the learning experience would be shadowing Steve Jobs rather than interning at Apple. Having a strong mentor that can guide me through my early career I feel will exponentially increase my learning progression.

Responsibility, Ownership and Delivery

I was given real responsibility and ownership with my tasks. Organising social enterprise workshops at business schools meant liaising with professors, coordinating the resources I needed and managing my time. Knowing that I successfully led the whole process was very satisfying.

To write the case study I had to put in an initial framework and develop it as I learned more. I had to be proactive in gathering information and speaking to the relevant people. Doing this in an environment like India meant I had to be resourceful and persistent. At each step, I was challenged to develop my thinking and ability to incorporate new information into the case study. By the end of this journey, I should have a published case study available for global business schools to use. This level of ownership and resulting output motivates me to work.

Intensity of Operations While Working Towards the Big Picture

PM operates at a fast pace. Dealing with a broken down vehicle, trying to organise alternative options, liaising with the external partner about this issue, getting updates from the PM centres and constantly getting calls about other opportunities is a standard morning at PM. I personally enjoyed this fast-paced intense nature of work as it meant I was constantly on the go and engaging my brain, while knowing there was a bigger goal we were working towards. I learned that I do like the flexibility, freedom and dynamic nature of this type of work, even if it means I worked longer hours and over the weekends.

Working with a Diverse, Multidisciplinary and Motivated Team

On any given day or assignment, I would interact with leaders at PM, the Rag-pickers, the centre coordinators, international volunteers, business leaders and business school professors. Interacting with a wide variety of people helped me become more aware of my interpersonal skills. I also realised I enjoyed working with such a diverse and motivated team of people.